Crossing People Over

Lisa Campion


Crossing People Over

I did a mediumship session last night in my sleep!

This morning very early, I had a dream, that I crossed someone over and I know it really happened.

In the dream, two sisters came to my office to see if they could speak to their third sister, who died a mysterious death. There was a lot of grief of course, but also that certain heaviness that I feel when there is a stuck dead person (aka a ghost)  present.

People who pass suddenly, or outside their own timeline sometimes have trouble crossing over. It can be the shock of the sudden death, or all the unprocessed trauma of the death that creates a ghost. And sometimes, the recently deceased don’t know that they are dead. Or sometimes there just needs to be communication and closure, so everyone can begin to let go and move on.

This is what happened with the three sisters. The one who died (she told me her name was Ruth) showed me a map of a lake with an X marks the spot on a point just off the shore of the lake.  I knew it was a boating accident. The two living sisters were unable to let is go since it’s very hard to process a mystery death and they really needed to know what actually happened to their sister.

Was it an accident or was there someone  else involved? They were terrified  that was the boating equivalent of a hit and run accident and that someone had hit their sister’s boat and left the scene. This lake is known for people driving drunk and at night, through some shallow and rock filled waters.

Ruth needed to get the message across that she had been alone, and it was no one’s fault but her own. She had been the one driving the boat, alone and impaired and smashed up on the rocks, fallen over board, hitting her head on the way down and then drowning. It was no one else fault.

When the sister’s heard this, there was much crying, and also a huge sense of relief. They were able to let go of the anger and blame that they were holding against an unknown, imagined person. Ruth could tell her story and she too was able to let go and finish her journey to the other side. This process is called “the witnessing” and it’s a very important part of mediumship.

I knew that Ruth had crossed over because I could see a bright white light and feel a sense of joy and peace. Sometimes I hear music playing and I always feel the presence of angels and other spirits around helping out.  Often I cry with the sense of relief that comes with this release.

I woke up crying those peaceful, joyful tears this morning, glad that Ruth had found her way home.

I don’t know who those people are. And sometimes I struggle with dismissing it as “only a dream.”  However, I have had these types of dreams for my whole life and I and know I am not the only one. We do deep spiritual work in our dreams so often!

Many mediums and psychics get their best information, while we are asleep and dreaming, because that pesky, doubting mind is out of the way and our psychic senses are wide open.

Do you ever have dream psychic experiences?  If so, what is it like for you? I would love to hear about it.


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