FFINAL roller_coaster

I am having one of those total life demolition/renovation times in my life.

My dad passed away a few weeks ago and my mother is moving out of the family home, which we are going to sell.
It looks like I will also be moving out of my home here in Massachusetts and moving to Rhode Island to be closer to my family down there. (Please help me pray that the fickle, capricious and slightly mad Real Estate Gods continue to smile on me. Yikes…)
That’s a lot of change all at once and I am trying to absorb it all. For the most part, it feels beneficial and a rather magical, although I miss my dad tremendously. The Great Cosmic Hand of God is moving the chess pieces of my life around on the board is a radical way, and yet I sense that I am going to end up exactly where I need to be, and with a big upgrade to boot. I just need to find a way to tolerate the temporary upheaval.

A few weeks ago, I was driving around my town where I have lived for the past 25 years, and I had the sensation of all the energy draining out of my current life and circumstance as if some higher force had simply pulled the plug on it all.

That night I had a dream about standing in an open field somewhere with the wind in my face and the tang of the salt breeze from the ocean in my nose.

“It’s the winds of change,” I thought to myself in the dream.

A few days latter, I was in the same field that I saw in my dream, next to a house that was for sale, just a few minutes walk to Narragansett Bay.
And it’s not just my personal life, of course. The winds of change are blowing through our country, the world and the human collective too. We are all living with the sense of time ticking down to a potentially explosive level of change.
Do you think that how we perceive this depends on our tolerance for chaos, upheaval and change? I know many people who are thrilled for these levels of change and are cheering it on. And others who are hiding under the covers until it’s all over and the dust settles.
I am going strap on my seat belt, keep my hands and feet inside the ride and try to enjoy it as much as I can. I can pretty much Zen things like this, but I have to admit, I am reeling a bit.
How are you managing?