Let’s hold a high vibration right now.

The ‘Powers That Be’ are desperate to hold onto their power base and they know it’s slipping as humanity wakes up from the dream that we are powerless slaves.

We are not.

We are sovereign, precious and very powerful. They are working hard to keep us asleep so we will continue with our programing (make the money for them) and we are at a powerful tipping point in the awakening of humanity.

They hope that they can paralyze you with fear, hopelessness and despair- all meant to prevent you from understanding how powerful you really are. (I give up! The dark is swallowing the light! We will never win!) This is how they win.
The power of these darker forces is waning, and this is a last power grab.
United we stand, remember? Divided, we fall. Let’s stand together, even in our differences.

Go out and vote your conscience, whatever it is. Move, speak, act, vote. Let your voice be heard. And please, honor the voices of others, even if they are not the same as yours. We all have our own opinions, ideologies and desires based on our life experience.

Part of our great country is to honor these differences with respect, without violence. To live and let live with no harm to others.

Hold the light. Take your stand. Speak your truth- but with respect. (Non violent communication skills- more important now than ever… ) Meditate and pray. Help others who need it right now. And keep your eyes on the prize of the world you would like to see being created right now.

PS- Someone asked me recently which of the many conspiracy theories and versions of “The Truth” that I believe in. I think the real truth is 100% weirder than any conspiracy theory that I have heard and I am not sure any of us will really know what is happening behind the scenes.

I am not sure it matters, there is corruption across the board and most of it stays hidden, like the tip of the iceberg. What really matters to me is to hold on to the vision and feeling of the new reality that I wish to be a part of and to keep love in my heart for all of humanity.