I am tucked away in a secret location

I am tucked away in a secret location (ok, it’s down on the Cape) writing away in a very cozy Inn. Outside its cold, windy and raining, and even though I can see the beach from the balcony in my room, it’s yucky out there. I am pretty sure I can see the great white sharks chasing the seals that live on Tern Island, all around Pleasant Bay.

It’s a perfect place and time to grind out a few chapters, which is a good thing since my publisher asked if I could push up the deadline for completing the full manuscript by a month so as to have more time to edit and get going on book #4 too.


Inside my room, it’s cozy, there is an espresso machine and a box of gourmet chocolates. And a really deep, claw foot bathtub. A writers dream!