I had a beautiful experience yesterday with my dance group.

We were doing a group dance (which is really too difficult to describe, but trust me… it was beautiful…) and an orb of light suddenly appeared in my head. It suddenly exploded out through the room so all I could see was light.

Then that light dropped into my heart and I felt the most profound joy I have ever felt before.

I knew that we are all made of joy and love. It’s what we are. And the world is made of that too. In fact the whole universe is an expression of that.

Only we forget sometimes and believe that we are the shadows we see dancing on the wall. We forget about the joy and fall asleep again so that we can have the pleasure of waking up over and over again- just like we feel the pleasure of the sunrise every morning.

And I knew that I came here to experience this joy and love in the company of my dear friends. And you all too.

It was a life changing experience- I am not the same as I was before and I am still experiencing the light in my head.

I have a very, very busy week this week, but I am not worrying about it. It will all get done in the right time and the right way, and the more I stay in this joy feeling, the easier it will be. And the more impact it will have in the world.

Thank you my dance friends for witnessing and creating the space for this. Thank you Bob Lancer for showing the way and giving me words for the experience.

And thanks all of you for being part of my earth dance.

Soooo much love!