Fall 9-22-21 website

I love the fall equinox

I am a libra so I appreciate those moments of balance. Today, it’s the momentary balance between the light and the dark, between the sun and the moon.

I am always seeking for and sometimes finding balance. It’s something that I think about a lot.

Work/pleasure balance

Masculine/feminine balance

Higher self/lower self balance

All these balance points come through the heart. It is the balance point in the chakra system, but also in all the aspects of my life.

When I stay in my heart, the balance comes easy and I move through the polarities of my life with grace and gratitude.

When I come out of my heart, my life is an uncomfortable teeter toter of extremes. So today, on this equinox, I am breathing, staying in my heart and feeling the joy of this perfectly balanced moment.

At least for the moment…. at least until I trip on my extremes again.

Where is the balance for you today?

What is out of balance for you?

Let’s all breath together and pray that the world also finds it’s balance.

May we find it inside ourselves this day and all days so that the world may also find it.