I remember when I was little

Feeling so much love all the time. I loved my family, my house, my friends and the whole world.

I remember knowing down in my bones that everything and everyone is connected, knit together in this great, sparkling web of love.

And I also totally loved myself, with a fierce and powerful devotion.

We all start this way, full of love and hope. Look at the babies and small children around you and you will see that love still lighting up their eyes and their hearts. They still have the glow of it in them.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot this. We got teased or bullied out of it, or worse yet, we had it beaten out of us. We had to harden up and close our hearts to fit in, and maybe even to survive.

It’s time to open to that love again. I have spent years in various forms of meditation, spiritual practices and healings to remember what I knew to be true down to my cells when I was three.

Love is all there is. And when we remember this, we can go back to swimming in the sea of joy.