Kate Eckman Interviews Lisa Campion- What’s it really like to be a psychic.

In the latest episode that’s sureto stir your soul, Kate Eckman, the dynamic author and broadcast journalist,sits down with the extraordinary psychic Lisa Campion. Flipping the usualformat, our guest turns interviewer, diving into the riveting world ofchanneling and psychic intuition. Lisa, with her remarkable insights, opens upabout her life as a professional psychic, sharing some of her most personalexperiences she seldom speaks of elsewhere.

It’s a heartfelt, eye-openingconversation that invites you to tap into your own intuitive powers. Katebrings her wealth of knowledge in mindfulness and her vibrant energy as asuccess coach to this lively discussion. Get ready to be inspired, learn how todial up your intuition, and maybe even discover a fun and fulfilling life iscloser than you think. Don’t miss this one—It’s really fun!

Kate Eckman is the author of The Full Spirit Workout: ATen-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, andCreate a Fun and Fulfilling Life. She is a broadcast journalist and TVpersonality who brings her expertise in communications, performance, andmindfulness to her practice as a success coach for business leaders andprofessional athletes.

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