The Magic of Sedona Part 4

Magic of Sedona - Lisa and Alien

As I left Sedona I was so sorry to see it go! I can see why people come go back there over and over again and why people choose to move there and stay there. It’s a magical place.

The night before I left I did the UFO – Stargazing Tour which was spectacular. We met up with a group of people and drove a little out of town to a remote spot that has a 360 degree view of the night sky and surrounding mountains. They give you high grade military style night vision goggles so you can see more than your human eye can in the night sky.

The stars were amazing! It’s incredible how many more stars you can see with night vision goggles.

And then there were the other things we could see…. They weren’t planes or satellites (they had satellite tracking software) and they didn’t move like satellites either. We saw tons of them moving in patterns that defy explanation, unless you include them in the Unidentified Flying Object category. They dart around and change direction suddenly and they interact with each other. They come together and then fly apart. Some are slow and steady and some are very fast moving around in all kinds of ways. They are different shapes, sizes, and even colors.

Even though I am a psychic, I still have a pretty logical mind. I keep an open mind about things, the universe being mysterious as it is, but I definitely feel differently about things that I have seen and experienced myself.

Magic of Sedona - Part 4

I have to say, this one was a bit of a life changer. I certainly have encountered many inter-dimensional beings, if you include things like angels and other types of spirit guides, but this was the first time I could see something more tangible. The coolest part was having laser pointers so we could point them out to each other and then having these object respond to the laser pointers. Wow.

We were looking right over where old Bradford ranch was, which is now one of those places that you can’t visit because armed guards turn you away if you get too close. Who knows what is really going on at the old Bradford ranch but there but many people have reported very strange experiences there including seeing cryptids like Big Foot there.

My understanding of this is that there are places in the world that have portals that open up between dimensions and that there is a connecting point where our two planes of existence meet for a bit. In that time and space, we can experience these other dimensions beings. Sedona is one such space, so is Mount Shasta and according to our guide, Las Vegas. Many other places small and large, including the Bridgewater Triangle near where I live.

Right over the Bradford ranch there were these lights dancing all through the tops of the trees and flying up and away, and lights that our guided call “twinklers” maybe about 20 of them. I saw a huge one that was moving very quickly and emitting a periodic pulse of purple light from it. So cool.

We also saw a lot of activity over the small ghost town of Jerome which we could see from there. Jerome is said to be the most haunted place in Arizona and maybe the whole country and I visited it. I can share that story next…

Such an incredible experience, and if you come to Sedona check out “The Original Sedona UFO an Stargazing Night Tour” with Shay. It was fun, funny, and totally mind blowing too.

Until next time….