sedona sunset

The Magic of Sedona Part 3 – The Field of Possibility

Yesterday when I was watching the sunrise on one of these vortexes in Sedona, I had a powerful experience that I want to share with you. I connected to the field of possibility and came one step closer to creating a new reality for myself.

Ever since I have been connecting with the quantum energy, the 5-D stuff, I have been feeling the Field of Possibility. In the quantum world, all possibilities exist at the same time. Quantum theorists say that there are quantum bubbles that are created every time we make a choice. Somewhere out there is the me that went left instead of right. Or moved to England to study at Oxford instead of moving to Japan to study martial arts.

All those potentials exist somewhere in the Multiverse.

In my meditation, I was guided to release this last phase of my life back into the field of possibility that looked a lot like a river running through the cosmos. It’s been a challenging few years with a lot of change in my life as it has been for so many. My dad passed away and I moved from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. My business has changed nearly completely from teaching and seeing clients in person to expanding into an online a fairly international enterprise. And lots shifted and changed in my personal life too.

Everything has been in flux the past few years, and it was time to let it all go.

I was invited to release all those changes with love back into the field of possibility. They looked like hot air balloons, or big bubbles of energy that merge back into this river of possibility. I let go. I cut cords. I processed all the lingering emotions I had about those changes an felt it all merge back into the field of possibility.

And then I knew that new things would be coming to me out of that endless river of possibilities, people, places, adventures, and opportunities that match my bright and shiny new vibe. Change is hard when we go through it and have to let go, but I know it’s an upgrade for me, I really do.

I can’t wait to see what comes! I have some inklings already.

New friends and colleagues that bring wonderful collaborations.

Incredible creative projects including new books, classes and programs.

Travel and adventure, and some retreats to be sharing with other people.

And who knows what else? I am keeping myself open to the possibilities.

Enjoy this fabulous day!