Our hearts are so resilient.

Thanks be for that. It’s a rough old world out there and the more we live and love, the more our poor little hearts get battered around.

There have been so many times in my life when I think – “OMG, not this. Anything but this.” And yet there it is.

Death, divorce and losses of all kinds. Children are born and then grow up and leave home. We age and see our own histories written in the lines on our faces.
And now we are in the Twilight Zones of losses- Pandemics, elections gone off the rails and aliens landing on the White House lawn. (Has that happened yet? I am waiting for it…)

And the one that I really can’t seem to get over, Tom Brady playing for the Bucs. (Ack. Gag….😵🙄)

And yet with each loss my heart opens more and more. I feel more alive than ever, willing to keep opening, keep risking and keep loving and losing.

There is a bite and a sharpness to living open hearted on the very edges of life. It creates a juicy kind of friction between my heart and the world. I keep thinking- “Ok World, you little minx. What next?”

I am so grateful for it all. And committed to continuing to love even though there are no guarantees.

Thanks be for the resiliency of the heart.