How are you doing?

There is so much loss right now. Maybe like me, you have lost someone you love. And there are also so many other kinds of loss happening right now.
Maybe you have lost a job, or some other other circumstances. Perhaps you have lost your alone time due to having kids and family at home.
Or lost your in person connection to your community.
We have all lost our old way of being and perhaps with that the sense of familiarity and security.
When things change, there is always a corresponding loss. We let go of something or it is taken from us.

We are still deep in the uncomfortable place where the losses are stacking up and the new things, new people, jobs, and new ways of being have not yet arrived.
I fall back and into my spiritual practices of meditation, self Reiki and journaling. And into the hearts of my own community and family. And there are days when that helps and other days when I am just flowing with the emotions and letting it all wash over me.
How are you handling it?