The Ghosts of The Target Restrooms

The Ghosts of The Target Restrooms

Just the other day I was in Target and stopped in to use the restroom and there were a couple of ghosts hanging out in there. There are so often ghosts in public restrooms, it definitely a thing. I have been watching the paranormal TV shows “The Ghosts of This and That Place” and I was wishing that I had my own filming crew as I went in there, except that would be a different kind of creepy…

This restroom had three ghosts in it. Two of them looked lost, confused and a little embarrassed.  One of them was still trying to get a grip on actually being dead. I felt she was an older woman who died rather suddenly of natural causes and was tagging along with her adult daughter. When the daughter used the restroom at Target, her mom got stuck there and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

I will tell you why in just a bit…

The other was a really mortified looking younger man who just wandered in by accident and then felt super uncomfortable about being in the LADIES room. He was standing in a corner and muttering about being confused and ending up in the wrong restroom. Poor guy…

The last one was a newer ghost  and she told me that she actually died IN the restroom, or actually in the ambulance on the way to hospital. She really needed some help. More about her in a minute too…

But why, why, why the restroom???

Public restrooms and actually bathrooms of all types are frequently haunted.  I think it’s partly because a lot of weird and very personal stuff happens in bathrooms, but it’s also because all the plumbing and the electrical wiring in some bathrooms create a kind of barrier that makes it hard for  the uneasy spirits of the dead to cross over. The same holds true for basements.

Bundles of electrical wiring create an EMF field that is hard for the spirits of the dead to travel through and so does the water running through pipes.  In fact, all running water… They tend to be able to traveling next to running water, but not cross it. I wonder if it’s the ions of running water that sort of disperses their astral bodies.

So, all this extra EMF and running water confuses them, makes their astral bodies fuzzy and it breaks up the lay lines that spirits use as pathways. They travel through the astral plane on lay lines, which are like spirit highways.  This is all fine and dandy until that lay line runs through a basement or a restroom with a lot of water and electricity running through pipes and wires.  This disrupts those pathway, creates static, and confusion in their astral forms  and basically traps them there.

Now you know why it’s bathrooms.

The first two ghosts in this Target literally just need help finding the exit out of the restroom. I opened the door for them, told them to come out with me and then as kindly as I could, suggested that they would find their way home if they looked up into the light. They did and were gone.

The other ghost told me that she had a drug habit and had accidently overdosed in the Target restroom. She had a very sad story and tragically, she died later on in the hospital.

We had a long conversation,  (which if you had been there, you would have seen me wash my hands for a looooong time and then wander around the restroom for an even longer time…) but all I could really do was ask for some angelic helpers to come and sit with her until she made up her mind to move on. Dying suddenly and outside one’s timeline is a difficult experience and sometime just needs time to process. My heart went out to her and her family and I sure hope she finds her way home soon, I have been praying for the whole situation daily.

I asked at the customer service desk about it and was told that the ambulance had in fact come there a few weeks ago, but the customer service person said they didn’t know what the outcome of that had been. But they did allow me to leave a flower in the ladies room and I did my best to clear the energy in there.   My hope is that she is feeling better and has moved on.

Do you think  “The Ghosts of The Target Bathrooms”  would fly as a series?  I’m telling you, public restrooms everywhere, especially the super scary ones in highway rest stops … EEK!  It would make a very ….unusual… a ghost hunting TV series.

Any bathroom ghost stories you care to share?

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