Sudden Psychic Opening RX

It can be difficult and scary to have your psychic abilities pop open suddenly and strongly. We call this a Sudden Psychic Opening.  It’s like a dam bursting and the resulting flood of psychic experiences can be seriously destabilizing.

The signs of a sudden psychic opening vary from person to person and depend a lot on what our natural psychic abilities and skills are. For the most part, it includes having our psychic abilities switch on very suddenly.  Which leaves us feeling overwhelmed, confused about what is happening, and longing for a way to understand it all.  Better yet, turn it off when we need to.

Teisha, one of my students, likened it to suddenly having a floodlight illuminate a previously dark room. She began to see the spirits of the dead all around her, and she could hear muttered conversations and a high-pitched ringing in her ears. She knew they were talking to her, but couldn’t figure out how to hear messages clearly. Teisha was also overwhelmed by other people’s emotions as her empathic abilities opened up fully.

Sudden psychic openings can happen as the result of spiritual practice, but often they are the result of a dramatic initiatory experience that shifts and shocks us into a sudden opening. Here are some examples of what can precipitate a sudden psychic opening:

  • Long periods of time doing spiritual practice like meditation or yoga.
  • A near-death experience or a serious illness that brings us close to death.
  • The death of a loved one or a powerful loss, such as a breakup or divorce.
  • Sudden and extreme shift in circumstances, like a move, a crisis, or a natural disaster, which is also sometimes a brush with death.
  • Psychedelic drugs like ayahuasca, LSD, DMT, or psilocybin mushrooms.

If you are in the middle of something like that, don’t panic. This is a huge opportunity for personal and spiritual growth for you. The energy management practices that I teach all my students will help you ground and center yourself and also help you to integrate the experiences you are having and learn to manage the flow of psychic experiences.

The other thing that can really help is to learn to shut down your experiences when you need to. Try imaging that there are radio or TV dials where you can turn down the volume, or even just turn it off.  When I was younger, I would imagine a TV remote, with the capability of changing channels (I would want to quit watching the Dead Channel and switch to Angel TV fx…) or muting the sound or just turning the whole thing off.

Here is what to do if you feel like you are in a sudden psychic opening.

  1. Don’t panic! You are not crazy and it is a normal thing to happen.
  2. Do your best to really ground every time you need it. Go outside bare foot, get crytals that can ground you, and do lots of breathing.
  3. Handle any emotions that are coming up too. Journal, meditate, or do whatever works to process an emotional overflow. Get help from healers, therapists or doctors if you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t manage it. This experience can bring a lot of anxiety with it as well as dredge up past trauma that needs healing
  4. Integration activities can help like slow yoga, napping, walking, and general self care activities.
  5. Get more training with a psychic teacher that can help regulate and explain your experiences. Read books, watch youtube, adding to your knowledge base about the psychic worlds gives context to it all.

I think it all comes down to deciding what you want to do about it. The choice is about accepting this gift and training it up or shutting it back down. It’s a legit choice that needs to thought through. Usually, these gifts are purposeful and part of our life’s purpose, do you know what yours is for?  In my experience of seeing many people go through this, we are usually better off accepting it and training it up then suppressing and denying it. That generally causes more problems in the long run, but I still think we all have real choice here.

If you have had a psychic opening, I would love to hear about your experiences!