The Magick of Herbs and Flowers with Cheralyn Darcey

Herbs and flowers can heal, comfort and nourish and they hold ancient energies that people have used throughout time to create magick spells. Join herbal healer Cheralyn Darcey as we explore this magical power with everyday sacred herbs so that you may also facilitate change and find the support and inspiration you are seeking.

Cheralyn Darcey is an environmental artist, flower therapist and teacher who has had a lifelong connection with the spiritual and healing properties of plants. For the last thirty years, her art has been featured in workshops, exhibitions, art prizes and publications internationally. She was also a selected Environmental Artist in Residence at the International Environment Convention in 2011 and an Artist in Residence during the Year of Biodiversity, as well as presenting at the Australian Museum. Her other publications include the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards, Flower Reading Cards, and Florasphere Calm/ Florasphere Inspired coloring books.

The Wisdom of Flowers with Cheralyn Darcey