Transformation Through Dance with Valerie Green

Dive into the rhythm of self-discovery with Valerie Green of Dance Entropy, where every step and gesture is a journey to the soul. From her dance studio in the vibrant heart of Queens, NY, Valerie’s transformative approach to movement not only captivates audiences but also weaves a tapestry of unity and acceptance across diverse communities. In this podcast, we’ll explore the intimate power of dance and somatic practices as tools for profound healing and personal growth. Remember, dance is a universal language, and Valerie’s message is clear: the dance floor is open to everyone. So, slip off your shoes, tune in, and let’s sway to the stories and experiences that connect us all, as we celebrate the freedom of movement and the art of being truly alive. Join us for a conversation that’s sure to move more than just your body—it’ll stir your heart and invigorate your spirit!

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