Write By Heart with Meredith Heller

In my latest podcast episode, we were graced with thesoulful presence of Meredith Heller, a beacon of poetic inspiration and acatalyst for personal transformation through the written word. Meredith is notjust a poet and author; she’s a healer through and through, using her profoundconnection with writing to guide others on a journey of self-discovery andemotional liberation. With a heart as wild as the natural landscapes sheadores, Meredith empowers individuals, especially women, to unearth theircreative spirits, trust in their intrinsic wisdom, and boldly articulate theirtruths. Her work—resonant with the voices of those she’s uplifted—transcendsthe pages of her acclaimed book ‘Writing by Heart’ and spills into the essenceof her workshops, leaving an indelible mark on the souls of her readers andlisteners alike. Join us as Meredith shares her transformative approach to writing, teaching us all to express the untamed beauty of our hearts

Learn more about Meredith http://www.meredithheller.com