Lisa Campion


Don’t be surprised if issues come up for you once you open up to your psychic abilities and start exploring them. One of my spiritual teachers told me long ago that psychic development  is a byproduct of spiritual and personal growth and I see these two things as being intimately connected.

We can’t grow our psychic abilities or become a healer without being confronted with our own unresolved issues. The path of the healer will continually bring you wonderful, and necessary opportunities to do your own healing work.

Lately in my psychic development program my students have worked through some gnarly past life issues which, if they are not cleared, can stand in the way of our psychic opening. There is the ‘burned at the stake’ past lives  (and all the variations of that) that many of us can relate to, which comes down to having been feared and punished for our gifts at some point in our incarnational cycle.

I often see this one manifesting in blocks in the throat and roots chakras and come up when people start speaking out about what they are doing. Telling other people and letting it be known, “oh btw, I am a psychic and I am taking these classes” or “I see and speak to dead people” can really bring up a deep, survival level fear that needs to be worked through in order to move forward with it all.

When we clear and release those past life traumas,  suddenly we can speak up about what we are doing and ‘putting yourself out there’ doesn’t seem so scary.

Other people have childhood trauma that needs healing around their psychic gifts. Soooo many of us were super psychic as children and had to shut it down because we experienced bad, scary or mysterious things, like the shadow that walked up and down the hallways in your house at night that made you hide under the covers.   Or we knew things, saw, heard and felt things we weren’t supposed to  and that freaked out our parents and created fear in those around us.

Maybe they took you down to the church and had the priest pray over you, or maybe they just told you to knock it off and turn off that crazy imagination of yours.  Mostly we just know that we need to shut it all down and try to carry on, as a ‘normal’ person and pretend it’s not happening until one day, it doesn’t.

As we attempt to open up to our gifts,  we are invited  to deal with that scared child within us and unwind the trauma around it all.  We need to clear the past lives and the blocks in our chakras, energy fields and our spirits so that we can fully explore our abilities without fear and see them for the gifts they truly are.

This is a good thing in so many ways, since it’s a deep part of our own spiritual evolution,  and those parts of us need healing and attention. It’s beautiful to facilitate and witness this, I love this part of psychic development, since I am a healer after all.  Our quest to become the best healer we can be always takes on a journey of our own healing.  Then you can take all that goodness that you learned about yourself and bring it to your own clients.

So lean into and do the work, get some help, since it’s really difficult and painful to do it on your own.  Get the mentoring, support from healers and a community and bring light to those dark places within, it will do you and the world a lot of good.

What has come up for you that needs to be cleared and healed?