Kindness is compassion in action

Kindness is compassion in action

Compassion is a wonderful feeling and we need a lot more of it in the world, now more than ever. And let’s not stop at just feeling compassion. Let’s take it further into action.

Are you speaking kindly to yourself inside your own head?

Are you choosing to do only what’s truly good for you?

Kindness starts with deep loving action towards ourselves, after all.

Now let’s extend that kindness towards other people in all your interactions with others.

It doesn’t take much. A smile, a softening inside your own heart, some eye contact and words of appreciation. (Thank you!)

We are all one. The person in front you also has a heart and feelings and needs loving connection just as much as you do. Can you look beyond the perceived differences we have and see your fellow humans as the same collection of mind, body, heart and spirit as you?

Let’s try celebrating their differences as part of the beauty of humanity, a gorgeous ever changing mosaic of differences that all together make a beautiful pattern.

We can stop the cycle of hatred when we live in the experience of compassion and allow this flow into our actions as kindness.