How to Raise Your Vibration

Someone asked me the other day what they could do to raise their vibration and what even that actually means.

We are really made of energy as well as matter, and our “vibration” is all about our life force energy and how high frequency it is.  As energy healers and Reiki practitioners, we help people by increasing the amount of life force energy that they generate and have access too.

To put it simply, the more life force energy (chi, ki, prana…) you have, the healthier and happier you are. We need this life force energy to help us fulfill our life purpose, get things done, and also enjoy life. (People sometimes ask me how it is that I do all the things that I do. Well… I have a ton of life force energy so I am high energy and I have a deep passion for what I am doing so it feels good to do it…)

We need a lot of life force energy and ideally, we want that energy to vibrate at a high frequency.  Feelings like love, joy, peace and compassion vibrate higher frequencies, so part of our vibration is about how we feel.

Dealing with our inner landscape, how we feel, what we think, and the images that we let into our mind is a really important part of raising our vibration.

What are you feeding your mind? Are you watching trash TV?  You know the kind that actually lowers your IQ as you are watching.  Or are you watching elevating, educational stuff?  Or better yet, none at all?

It’s also about our lifestyle, how much rest we get, exercise, and the food we eat.  It’s so true that we are what we eat and foods that are closest to the light have more life force energy in them too.  Raw fruits and veg still have tons of life force energy in them, where as something made of chemicals, preservatives,  pesticides, and artificial everything really doesn’t.

Bananas have tons of life force energy whereas a Twinkie probably has negative energy and actually takes a few minutes off your life when you eat it. (JK… but not really….)

We all have to take the time and energy to clean up and heal our past wounds and traumas. Depression, anxiety, addictions, mental and physical health issues all can have deep roots into the unhealed wounds we all have. We need healing work with ourselves and also a team of healers, doctors, therapists, and other professionals who can help us unearth and heal up what we have all been through.

Here is a little prescription I have of some things you can do right now to help you raise your vibration and also generate more life force energy and vitality.

Pick one thing from this list and commit to it for a month and see how you feel.

  1. Go for a walk outside every day for at least half an hour, rain or shine.  Exercise, fresh air, and sunlight are essential vitamins that most of us miss. Bonus points for walking out in nature somewhere if you can.
  2. Eat more fruit and veg. Drink a green juice every day or just add a big colorful salad to a meal. Sneak in as many vegetables as you can. Snack on some fresh fruit and add that in too.
  3. Try a media diet. Pay close attention to what you are reading, watching, and absorbing on social media and how it makes you feel.  Is it making you a better, happier person, or is bringing you down?  Be especially careful about what you are watching right before bed and right when you wake up, since your mind is more open and absorbs more energy then.
  4. Attend to your feelings every day. Journal, meditate or talk to someone about how you feel every. I talk to myself in my car and do EFT (tapping) when I don’t have time to journal.
  5. Get really good sleep. Most people just don’t get enough rest. Shoot for 8 hours if you can and give yourself a really nice lead up to bed.  Cat nap in the afternoon if you can.
  6. Clean up the past. Get therapy, do body work, or work with a healer.  Do what you need to do to get clear of your past traumas whatever they are.
  7. Engage in some kind of spiritual practice as often as you can. Every day if you can manage it. Read spiritual books, meditate, do yoga or pray.  Get a meditation app on your phone and do even 10-15 minutes of meditation. You will sleep better if you do it right before bed.
  8. Clear your clutter. This can be a big one and have a huge positive impact on your well being. Pick one corner, one pile, one drawer and spend 10 minutes a day. This is a good one to recruit some help for. Many people LOVE to do this, find your friend who adores this and ask for help.
  9. Do Reiki on yourself every day. You can double dip here. Reiki when you are falling asleep, or when you are meditating, journaling or any other time you can find a way to put your hand on your heart.
  10. Help someone else. Helping other people generates tons of life force energy and can really help us boost our self-esteem like nothing else. Volunteer somewhere or just smile at strangers.
  11. Don’t feel like you need to do all of this at once, it’s just a general framework to help you see what the possibilities are. Pick the easiest one to do and do it long enough until it becomes an easy habit and then move onto to the next one.

Pretty soon you will be vibrating so high and full of vitality, joy and love for yourself and the world.


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