How Well Do You Handle Change?

Lisa Campion


How Well Do You Handle Change?

We are living in a time when change is upon us, like it or not. There is A LOT to deal with at present- politics, social injustice, pandemic, climate change, war, economic crisis- there are too many breakdowns to actually count right now.

In my work with my clients and students, I see change happening through the very fabric of people’s being.

It’s not little stuff, like changing your hair color or maybe getting a new place to live. This is big stuff, as if we are being pulled apart at the very fabric of our being and reconstructed.

In the midst of all that change, breakdown and break throughs, how do we find a little corner to rest in, a little peace of mind?

When I was little, I used to lie on the grass on my back and feel the spin of the planet so much so that it gave me vertigo as I contemplated the rotation of the earth. “No one can feel that!” people would tell me. But I could, the cosmic wind tossing my hair as the planet spun and whipped around the sun like a great galactic Tilt-A-Whirl.

These days, when change overtakes me, I find mindfulness to be an ally. You can only be in one minute at a time, right? Being in the now as fully as a I can helps me to let go the slithery, slidey feeling of the world moving too quickly under my feet.

For me, it’s about grounding the intense energies by alternating hard work with some good self-care. Today I pulled some weeds in the garden and life felt peaceful and secure, despite the news and the immanent destruction of our planet to make space for an intergalactic off ramp. (Pretty sure Douglas Adams was really a mystic…)



Being in my heart and appreciating the many sweet moments as they arise helps me to feel steadier in the chaos. I hope your day is blessed, and if not, that you found the strength of heart and belly to endure it.

May you find your feet under you and your heart and mind open to change.

And let’s all keep a higher vision of what might be possible as we move through this earthquake of change so that we might reconstruct things in a higher level of beauty, harmony and order.