Haunted Salem

Lisa Campion


Well, we all know that Salem MA is a pretty haunted place. I ask myself about the chicken vs egg phenomenon here though. Has Salem always been haunted, or is it even more haunty cuz people get so obsessed with it?

My daughter Genevieve lived in Salem for a few years since she went to school at Salem State University. She got an apartment off campus in an old 2 family home and gosh that place haunted. She lived there with two other girls and there was a creepy little spirit that would come up the back steps. It came up out of the basement and would walk up the back stairs into the kitchen. The girls would hear that back kitchen door bump and then the apartment got a real uncomfortable feeling to it.

It could happen anytime of day, but only when there was only one girl there alone. Genny told me that her bedroom door would open and close a bunch, sometimes slamming shut. Pictures fell of the walls. You got a sense of being watched. And she could see a child sized shadow in the apartment.

I have to tell you, it was creepy AF. And it wasn’t near Halloween either, actually it was worse in the summer. To me it felt like a weird little gremlin type creature and it was sort of hard to get rid of. We tried a couple of times and finally my pal Deb Fate- Mental did it.

Not really sure what it was, but I did get the sense that it came through some of the open portals in Salem. Until sort of recently, I don’t think Salem was any more haunted than any other old New England town is. I have seen many waaaay more haunty actually. But then so many people come to Salem to play around with some paranormal stuff. There are ghost tours and paranormal tourism all over the place. And there are soooo many people who visit during this time of year- like you can’t even believe it. (Sadly, I feel it was one of those real and cute little places that has been pretty much ruined by over tourism and insta- hype….)

It is my theory that all those people poking around at the portal between the living and the dead made the portal much, much bigger then it ever was before and invited in all kinds of things, entities, ghost and spirits of all kinds, that didn’t used to be there.

Not that they mean to do that- it’s just what happens. Same thing with the Lizzie Borden House, which is only about 10 minutes from where I live actually. Poor Lizzie. If she did or if she didn’t give her parents 40 whacks, that place is super haunted now. I think Lizzie is long gone and I am not sure what is there now, but yikes… Something is. Is it due to all the paranormal investigation that goes on there? Lots of people using spirit boards there and EVP sessions and inviting spirit communication over and over again in a smallish space… well that opens doors to other things and then it’s even more haunted.

Oddly enough, I live not too far from the Conjuring House in Rhode Island too…. I guess it’s kinda haunted around here! And same story there. Things are worse now than ever due to all the poking around in that house.

Anyways… I would love to hear your ghost stories. And/or your thoughts on paranormal tourism- Happy Halloween!