The Invisible Roommate

Here is a little ghost story- from me to you!

Totally true story….I went to college out at UMASS Amherst in the 80’s. There was this one dorm that I really wanted to live in and it was hard to get into, but I did. Not only that, but I got a single room.

It was like a miracle!

Until people got really weird about it. “You got in, yay! What room are you in???…. Room 302? Oooooh. …Oh dear…. Oooh no….!”

Turns out someone died in that room a few years earlier and every knew it was haunted and no one wanted to live in it, which is why it was empty and why I got it. (Murphy’s Law stated that the psychic WILL get the haunted room every time…)

It was totally haunted by a girl named Emily who was a sad and sort of mopey ghost. She had been a rather tortured engineering student who died mysteriously. Most people thought she killed herself, but she told me it was an accidental death as she pushed herself too hard for exams and had an underlying heart condition. Turns out taking a boat load of No-Doze to cram for exams is not good for your heart if you have a heart condition…

Poor Emily.

Anyway, she was still hanging out in my closet and I didn’t mind her too much. She was a bit like Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter stories, but I thought she was ok and she didn’t bother me.

But she really did hate it when people didn’t believe in her.

My boyfriend didn’t believe in any such thing. Why he was dating me, I don’t know… cuz I was doing the psychic thing even back then. One day while we were hanging out in my room, he loudly claimed that there was no such thing as ghosts and he didn’t believe in hauntings at all. Bah humbug!

“Uh oh…” I said, “Emily doesn’t like that…”

He scoffed a bit more and poo pooed it all.

Emily didn’t take too kindly to that and she opened the door or the room and slammed it closed loudly. Then all the posters fell off my walls, one at a time, in kind of slow motion around the room. The window blinds went up on their own and then crashed down. The lights tuned on and off a few times. And as the grand finale, the pillow flew off my bed and hit BF in the back.

We both just stood there, taking it all in.

The most shocking part of this story is that after this amazing paranormal display, he STILL refused to believe it and walked around the room looking for drafts and checking the news reports for earth quakes… (cuz those are so common in New England…)

Anyway, Emily eventually did move on and she and I rubbed along together well enough, she was my invisible roommate.

BF never came to my room after that. He just wouldn’t even go up to the 3rd floor ever and I had to meet him in the lobby… so hah! Maybe Emily convinced him after all.

Happy Halloween!

Haunted Salem