magic is something you make

I found an old journal from 2009

I must have gotten it for Christmas that year, because it was filled with New Year’s desires and goals for 2010. It was sweet and sort of sad to read about what I was wanting to create back then.

The good news was that I have done all that I put on my list times 100. I have succeeded and achieved way beyond what I was dreaming for myself back in 2009. Life has changed in so many ways. My kids are now grown, the marriage that I was in back then is long over and my business has ramped beyond what I could even imagine back then.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself to always dream bigger. It made me a little sad to read how small my dreams were back then. They are things I do now without even breaking a sweat.

And it made me wonder, am I still doing that? Dreaming too small? It’s always been the limits of what I thought possible for myself my own thinking that have held me back. As these illusions and limiting ideas fall away from me, I think- “I could have done that YEARS ago, if I had only thought I could!” There was no reason I couldn’t, except the thought never occurred to me.

What I am still withholding from myself because I can’t even see the possibility?

Now as I am doing dreams and desires in my journal for the new year, I am going to challenge myself to stretch bigger than ever and break through those limiting thoughts. I can only be THIS happy and not more… It will be an experiment in seeing how big I can dream.

And here’s to you- may you dream bigger than ever into 2022