Inner light 11-9-21 website

Nearly everyone has imposter syndrome

We all wrestle with whether we are really good enough. Everyone else’s talents and gifts seem so much cooler and more interesting than ours do.

And yet chances are very good that they are thinking the same thing about you. The truth is that you have exactly what you need to complete your life’s purpose.

How could anything else be true?

Comparing yourself to others is such a buzz kill.

And who knows what anyone else has gone through to get where they are. I know people who look fantastic on social media and all the other public venues but have a much different inner experience than their public persona. (Let’s just say that probably extends to all of us- including me, by the way. “Lisa, you are much quieter, funnier and dorkier than I thought you would be.” haha! It’s true…)

You are already a beautiful, perfect, divine being. Even your “imperfections” are gorgeous and are quite probably one of the things that people love best about you. All those “weakness” and “flaws” that you are trying to hide… well… we already see them, know about them and love you even more for them. They are the best bits of you! And why we all fall in love with you.

And you are exactly where you need to be in your journey, right now- today.

Just keep doing you, you beautiful, crazy, brilliant human.

You got this!