intuition 4-28

My intuition always comes through my belly

I feel it like a fluttery warmth in my belly and then a shiver up my spine. When I feel that, I know I need to act, to move towards something and that it’s good.

When something is off, I also feel it in my belly. It’s a slippery queasy feeling and I get cold. I have learned the very hard way to go towards the happy belly flips and away from the slippery queasy feeling.

It’s like a rudder on a ship.

And it requires first of all that I am in my body. I will miss all these signals if I am out!

And then I have to pay attention. Really notice what’s happening in my belly. And in my heart, since I feel these are often connected into one thing. Heart/belly.

And then I have to act on it.

How often do you ignore your intuition? Probably way too often and this will always get you in trouble. Sadly we have learned to pay more attention to our minds then our guts. Your mind is the least intuitive organ you have. It’s canny, clever and sometimes smart but it has very little wisdom.

The heart/belly combo is how your soul speaks to you. Ignore it at your peril.

It takes practice to reorient our navigation system away from the mind and towards the heart/belly. But it’s a good daily practice.

Are you in your body?

Are you listening to your heart/belly?

And are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and act on it?

If so, you will find soul guidance and create a life that you love, rather than just one that looks good on paper.