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The Magic of Sedona

The Magic of Sedona! It’s red rocks, energy vortexes and peaceful sort of New Age hippy vibe is sinking into my bones and seems to be the cure for a cold, wet and windy New England spring. Generally speaking, I love spring, but yikes, this spring has been a cold, wet misery in Rhode Island and I had to fly all the way to Sedona to finally get some warmth.

If you get a chance to come here, stay at the Sky Ranch Lodge on the Airport Mesa. What a gorgeous place! It’s got a killer view of the valley and all the gorgeous and massive rock formations. (They have cool names like Bell Rock, Coffee Pot Rock and Cathedral Rock…) And this hotel is also a botanical garden and the ground are just lovely, full of fragrant roses, splashing fountains and desert flowers. I would move to Arizona just to be able to grow roses like these!

Sky Ranch Lodge is nestled on the Mesa where the Airport Mesa Vortex is, so it’s actually right at the edge of the vortex and you can feel the energy of it here on the property. Let’s talk about the vortexes for a minute… I was in the hot tub and pool yesterday with a very nice couple from Germany who didn’t believe at all in the New Age silliness of energy vortexes. However they had to admit that there was something about Sedona that keeps them coming back here, 30 times they have been here! It’s their favorite place in the US. And they always feel so refreshed and happy when they leave. Well… everyone has their way of knowing the world and it’s all good.

I was in the Airport Mesa Vortex at sunrise this morning and it was spectacular. The view, the colors of the sunrise and the energy was amazing. I could feel and see the vortex, it’s a huge taurus field with an amazing twisted, braided spiral of energy going right up the middle of it. I did meditate there for quite some time and had great insights about my life, my work, and felt immense peace and joy. And extreme gratitude for being alive here on this planet right now.

I did get a lot of amazing downloads about the new style of healing that I am an experiencing, using and finally teaching. Quantum Healing Reiki. Stay tuned for more on that.

Today I am off on a jeep tour of some more of the vortexes and can’t wait to experience those too. Wheee! It’s so good to be alive… Travel is good for my soul and Sedona is amazing. More later….