We Go Crazy When We Forget About Love

We go crazy when we forget about love

It’s a kind of temporary insanity that takes us over and makes us forget our true nature and the true nature of the cosmos.

The world and our people are caught in this insanity at the moment. When we forget love, all we can feel is fear, scarcity, lack and hatred. It’s like taking poison, and we give it first to ourselves. Once we are full of that poison, all we want to do it pass it around.

The way out is to remember that love is all there is. You are love, you are loving and lovable. Fill your own heart with love and wash out that poison.

Then when you own heart is filled with love, try passing that around instead. If we choose love, we could solve every problem we have on the planet in a hot minute, since we are all mad genius problem solvers, after all.

Love up on yourself and then pass it around.