This weekend my handsome and amazing son….

This weekend my handsome and amazing son Grayson Gallifrey Kempster came over with his virtual reality headset, the Oculus. I was wanting to try it and see what all the Meta fuss was about and I was also a little nervous about it since there is a part of me that knows I could fall into the VR rabbit hole and never come out.

I have to say it was super fun and fulfilled a life long dream of mine- kicking some ass in an epic battle with a light saber.

I played a Star Wars themed game and had my very own light saber. It was so much fun, I really felt immersed in that world and nearly lost it when Darth Vader walked up to me- you don’t get the full feeling of how huge he is in the movies but in this VR game he is about 7 feet tall and scary as heck.

When I came out of the game 30 minutes later, I was sweaty and shaking but so happy. I think I must have looked soooo funny, walking around my living room in a three foot circle and shaking in my shoes cuz I really felt like I was scaling up the side of this huge building hanging over a lava river.

Anyways… I get what all the fuss is about and I would totally get one of these things except I am so afraid my productivity would drop to nothing and I would just be hanging with the other Jedi all day.