Relationships! It’s all research, right?

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Relationships.   Can’t live with them, can’t live without them?   Maybe so.   I know there are some lucky people out there who have excellent astrology/karma and also work really hard at their relationships. They are blessed with happy, long term, satisfying relationships. (Bless you all for being an inspiration to the rest of us.)       But I am not one of those people. Like many other people that I know, I am one who has yet to figure out the secret to having a happily enduring relationship. It’s one of the...

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Lessons Of A Garden – by Lisa

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Below is a taste of a new blog I wrote for “The Magic Happens Magazine.”  Click he link below to read the blog in it’s entirety. “After doing hours of psychic readings and energy work with my clients, my favorite thing to do is come home to my garden and putter. I love weeding. You know where you are with weeding, it’s so satisfying and renders immediate results. The weeds are there and then they aren’t! No pesky gray areas. My work is all emotional stuff, sometimes sticky and gooey. Always intense.”  ...

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#1 Tip To Increase Your Psychic Ability- Spiritual Practice

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You must commit to a spiritual practice in order to increase and develop your psychic ability. There really is no getting around this. Here’s a great analogy—if you want to get in shape, you must work out—and there’s no getting around that either! It’s just that straightforward.   Spiritual practice is the psychic’s version of working out. We’ll only get to a certain level of personal, psychic, and spiritual development before we’re stopped dead in our tracks if we don’t pick up and keep a spiritual practice. I believe that psychic...

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Sudden Psychic Openings (SPO’s)

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So many people that I know are going through spontaneous psychic openings. These happen when the conditions are just right and your psychic ability pops open very quickly. This can be wonderful, amazing and magical or it can feel like a frightening and overwhelming breakdown.   Maybe a little of both.   It’s like one day you are minding your own beeswax, being a (relatively) normal person and the next day it’s all “I see dead people.” Or fairies are swarming in your garden. Or you can suddenly see, feel and hear everything that...

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Newtonian And Quantum People

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There sure are a lot of people waking up into consciousness these days. I think this is really what people mean when they talk about “The Ascension.” Many people are snapping into full consciousness and right in the nick of time too!   I often use the analogy of Newtonian physics vs Quantum physics, when it comes to people’s states of consciousness. In Newtonian physics, there is a very rigid set of rules that are based mostly on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Things are connected, but in a linear way. Gravity is a great example...

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Right Speaking

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  As a teacher in a Mystery School, I am often called on to practice what I preach, which is after all, where the rubber meets the road.   Just on the tail end of teaching heart and throat chakra class, I had an opportunity to do just that. In the Energy Medicine Institute, we teach that our voices are designed to speak the words of our hearts. So often we run this energy backwards and speak our minds. Considering how cluttered and off kilter our minds are, this generally doesn’t do us any favors.   The real work is in opening up...

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Keep Rocking

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  When we are born, our hearts are all wide open and tender. Babies and small children are naturally empathic. It is their nature to understand that the world is completely interconnected and that we are all part of the same unbroken chain of life.   How sad is it that over time we must forget that in order to fit in to our society. Society domesticates us, according to Don Miguel Ruiz. It molds us, making us harden our hearts and shutting down to the whispering of our souls.   The few people who don’t manage to shut down their hearts...

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The Best Healings…

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The best healing happens when you are very grounded and fully present, with your complete awareness focused on your client in the present moment. Then you open your heart to compassion and healing happens.   Truthfully, this is the main ingredient for all healing. When you can do this, the modality that you are using is just the delivery mechanism for your real healing mojo- deep presence and universal love and compassion. All healers in any modality need to learn this. It doesn’t matter if you are doing Reiki, counseling, or voodoo....

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An Empath’s Cure For Holiday Overwhelm

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As an empath, I view the holidays with a mix of joy and trepidation. It is the most wonderful time of the year, except when it isn’t. Every year I struggle to find the joy of the season without getting swamped by emotional and energetic overload.In my mind, the holiday is an outré amalgamation of my childhood memories, a Currier and Ives painting and my own slapstick version of “A Christmas Story.”     I love it.   In my head, I really am riding through the woods in a one horse open sleigh wearing my rose-colored Christmas glasses. In...

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