08 Sep

Sudden Psychic Opening RX

It can be difficult and scary to have your psychic abilities pop open suddenly and strongly. We call this a Sudden Psychic Opening.  It’s like a dam bursting and the resulting flood of psychic experiences can be seriously destabilizing. The signs of
25 Aug

How to Raise Your Vibration

Someone asked me the other day what they could do to raise their vibration and what even that actually means. We are really made of energy as well as matter, and our “vibration” is all about our life force energy
18 Aug


Don’t be surprised if issues come up for you once you open up to your psychic abilities and start exploring them. One of my spiritual teachers told me long ago that psychic development  is a byproduct of spiritual and personal
19 Jul

Kindness is compassion in action

Compassion is a wonderful feeling and we need a lot more of it in the world, now more than ever. And let’s not stop at just feeling compassion. Let’s take it further into action. Are you speaking kindly to yourself
18 Jul

How well do you handle change?

We are living in a time when change is upon us, like it or not. There is A LOT to deal with at present- politics, social injustice, pandemic, climate change, war, economic crisis- there are too many breakdowns to actually
27 Jun

Crossing People Over

I did a mediumship session last night in my sleep! This morning very early, I had a dream, that I crossed someone over and I know it really happened. In the dream, two sisters came to my office to see
17 May

The Magic of Sedona Part 4

As I left Sedona I was so sorry to see it go! I can see why people come go back there over and over again and why people choose to move there and stay there. It’s a magical place. The