17 May

The Magic of Sedona Part 4

As I left Sedona I was so sorry to see it go! I can see why people come go back there over and over again and why people choose to move there and stay there. It’s a magical place. The
12 May

The Magic of Sedona Part 2

Sedona is so incredible right now and I feel blessed to be here. It’s been an amazing day, starting with watching the sunrise at the Airport Mesa vortex. Then I went on a Jeep Tour out to some more of
11 May

The Magic of Sedona

The Magic of Sedona! It’s red rocks, energy vortexes and peaceful sort of New Age hippy vibe is sinking into my bones and seems to be the cure for a cold, wet and windy New England spring. Generally speaking, I
22 Apr


Dang, I was watching that show on Netflix called “Ultimatum” and it made me so sad about how unequipped and unskilled we are all in relationships. If you are in a relationship with a person who is actually good to
02 Mar

Dear Empaths, (And everyone else…)

If someone has difficulties in feeling, giving or receiving love, it doesn’t mean that you are not lovable. You are lovable, of course you are. It’s very hard to not take that personally, and yet, chances are very good it’s